Secret Belfast

Here is a listing of great things in the Belfast area you may not find in the local guides.

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The Grady homestead and farm
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In early 1950's when Belfast had it's 100 year anniversary  the Grady's were awarded the title of "longest continually lived in home by a Belfast family" and when Belfast hit 150 the Grady's were still there. Chet Grady was born in the house and passed away in the room he was born in at the ripe round age of 100. His wife and partner in life Josephine lives there still and is now building a long beautiful stobne wall. Chet Grady is one of Belfast finest figures: a active and kind public servant, farmer, craftsman of able skills with a shiop that begs to be preserved for history's sake. The home is on the Tuft's Road.
Best Road Ever
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I was riding on the Tuft's Road and thought this has to be the most beautiful, serene, peaceful road in Belfast. Passing the Grady's (oldest continuously lived in home by the same family in Belfast) you'll see Josephine's new stone wall, the beautiful fields, the nature.. this is the road Eco-Village will be on and it's truly a ride or a walk worth taking. Short but sweet.
big slanted window on the corner of Main and High
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a photographer and artist had the building and the amazingly large slanted skylight frosted glass can be seen easily
The Big Chimney of High Street
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Even locals who've been here lkong enough to know better wonder... "what is the big chimney off High Street just across from the old Anderson School now Waterfall Arts?" It is the last remaining sign of the 2nd incarnation of Waldo County General Hospital. The 1st site was at the top of Commercial Street on High Street, later became Bradbury manor Nursing Home, as of 5/2011 it is abandoned and vacant and for sale. The chimney still has a great draft.
Goose River dam and CMP park view!
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Find your way in by heading to Young's Lobster, turn left before you head down to Young's. The dam can be seen as you pass along on Route One on the east side of Belfast. The entire area is walkable: watch out for poison ivy in one portion along the old granite pier. The views from the bluffs are great.
Little River dam
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along route One you can see the Little River dam and the classic dam house structure. Pull in an d take a peek. There's a trail from here back to Congress Street if you are good at following a trail.
why is there only 65 top 100? :)
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Because we want you to suggest the next 35. What do you think are the top things and places to do or see in Belfast?
Belfast Variety AKA BV
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Percehed on a corner of High Street just north of the Route One overpass you'll find the busy bee hive of Belfast Variety. Better known in the acronym circles as BV. What do you need? Kerosene? Lottery tickets? Plumbing and electrial supplies? Snow pants? Paint? Ice Cream. New York Times? Booze? Smokes? Pizza, sanwiches, etc. etc.? Cheap gas? And open 365 days a year until 1:00 AM. Yes you can get nails and plumbing stuff until 1:00 AM. And a bottle of gin and a slice of pizza to go with it. The place busltles and the fine humanity of Belfast pours through it like a Bay of Fundy tide in full stride. They own two other stores, one  in Morrill village and the other on Rt. 52 with a faint whiff of BV but nothing comes near as close. Mail box and pay phone? Check.
The IGA canning jars mural
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Looming over the Post Office, on the back of the former IGA grocery store,  we who live here almost forget it's there but if it ever leaves we'll mourn its passing. The mural was determined by a contest with many designs presented. The winner was Rick Cronin a Belfast resident, accomplished artist, merchant marine, feared fisherman, and pretty good poker player. In 2009 the current status is the walls need repair and the mural must either be preserved or a new one painted in its place. Time will tell. The murals in each jar depict various settings in Belfast: parades, chickens, Perry's Nut House and more.
Belfast Free Library
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The Belfast Free Libray is a gem and a jewel that you can walk around inside of. Books, magazine, computers, books on tape, music, lectures, meetings, art, and more. But the building itself is worth the visit. Stroll though historic rooms that have been wedded to the modern amid a serene and undistubed peace. Free internet accee including wireless. Ahhhh library.
Dog Park
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Belfast now has a dog park. Fenced, water, huge, resplendent. Made possible by Friends of the Parks , the City of Belfast and dog lovers. It is located just across Rt. 1 and on Rt. 52. Park and walk in at the Walsh Fields little league fields. if you get to the YMCA you went too far! Take your dog and let him/her run! Dogs never had it so good.
Goose River dam @ CMP on East Side
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This is an amazing place. Head over to the East Side and on Rt. 1 you'll see the (sigh) closed Jed's Restaurant just past Perry's Nut House. Take the road down to the water, in as if you were going to Young's Lobster joint. Take the first left, just after CMP. Go in and park near the transformer area. Walk out on the dam, down to the old mill site, check out the granite wharfing, you can actually bring a boat in here on the tide, walk around on the beach, walk up on the bluffs. Great spot for picnic. Watch out for poison ivy along the granite wharfing. CMP offered this property to the City but the council whiffed. I am shocked. CMP still looks the other way while you enjoy the place. 
Sears Island
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Sears Island is an 800 acre island with no people or buildings. State owned, it is at the heart of 30 years of fights for industrial development while remaining pristine and untrammeled. This is the largest undeveloped island on the East coast. Great for long walks along the shore, exploring the woods, picnics, campfires and sunsets. Easily reached by car and foot it is connected by an optimistic superhighway of a causeway which is a huge favorite for walkers. Head to Searsport on Route One, pass through the village and pass Penobscot Marine Museum. About 2 miles on right you will pass the big Irving Truck Stop. About ½ mile past it on the right you'll see "Sears Island Road" and a green State of Maine shed/building. Turn right toward water and you can't miss it. Walk along either shore or up the paved road. Ignore all "no trespassing signs!" You'll find many a family or couple hiking, dog walking, and enjoying a picnic. No facilities. And no coal electric plant, no aluminum smelter, no deep water port, no nuclear power plant. There are some great fiddleheads! You are welcome on the island by the State of Maine who is the owner. AS of Nov. 07 the state and various groups are deep in talks to protect and conserve a large part of the island.
Wasses Hot Dog joint
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Your editor is a ....sigh... hot dog addict. I hit Wasses about once a week. Kraut with onions and hot relish and hot mustard. I have added a Cowboy BBQ dog to my selection also. When I travel I make sure to check out the famous hot dog stands. Sad to say: I think Wasses could be a lot better: in particular the damp/steamed/soggy roll leaves room for improvement. But ...simplicity, price, cheerful, and speed are a huge plus. Plunked down in a corner (you gotta love Bob Reny Sr's sense of planning)  of Rt. 1 & 3 in Reny's Plaza parking lot. It's a bit of tactical maneuvers to cross the lot but when you get there all becomes clear grasshopper. A very basic but fast and reliable joint where you gotta work to spend 5.00. You can walk it up from out of town, straight up over the Main Street hill, stop by the Fire Department Museum and the Grove Cemetary. chow down. Open 6 days a week until 3 or 4. No inside dining. 
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In the beginning...
Brachiopods are the most abundant fossil in Maine and date 440-500 million years ago. They were marine, two-shelled organisms resembling clams that lived in both shallow and deep water environments. They can be found on Belfast beaches, Moose Point State Park and Bayside. Look for dark, black rocks with half-moon indentations, especially easy to see when the light rakes across the beach at a low angle.
Great view from top floor of the library
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Walk or take the elevator to the top floor of the Belfast Free Library and you'll be treated to a beautiful view of the harbor and river as you look out over Belfast Dance Studio and Knox Brothers auto parts.
Low Tide
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Belfast has a tide that averages about 10' every 6 hours. It goes up and goes down with the moon's pull. The harbor is the ocean and not a big lake.... as we often hear people ask. The tide moves sometimes as much as 13'! At low tide there's a lot to be seen.

Only visible at low tide, the bones of old wooden schooners can be seen along the waterfront at two locations. Walk along the path by the harbor in Steamboat Landing Park (between the Boathouse and Consumers coal yard), you'll see the remains of a schooner brought in and left to the elements. Up river, along the Robbins Road on the east side you can also see the remains of a ship, demasted and brought upriver to rot. Only her keel and ribs remain. Very few traces of this once bustling, ship-building port town remain, these are worth a visit.

Check out the little cove in Heritage Park where Dana's Sarsaparilla, Belfast's very famous tonic bottlers, once bottled. Look for shards! The bottling plant for a popular late 19th century  "cure-all" with 96% alcohol  was located nearby and when it closed, the remaining bottles were dumped into the harbor. Look for the pale blue glass. If you're lucky you might find a piece with Belfast or Dana's embossed on it. You'll also be able to find some good pieces of slag left behind from the old Foundry, which was also located in the Dana's building. 


From Belfast City Park or Heritage Park you can walk either way the entire distance of +/- 1 mile as long as you are at low tide.  Walk one way along the tide and back through the neighborhoods.


Submitted by the Queen of Belfast History Megan Pinette


B & ML RR Tracks
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Walk the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad tracks: just head out of town following the tracks along the waterfront and you can't go wrong. 1.5 miles of following the Passagassawakeag River. No houses, just river. The trains have not run for a few years but it once took travelers on their way to Boston and Bangor, freight came and went, and in the last years only tourists listened to the click clack of the rails. Today it's a quite peaceful place to walk along the river.
The New Footbridge
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The "new" walking bridge. You can see it from the town dock. Walk over to it and over it. Make a loop on the big bridge. Take a couple laps.
Belfast City Park
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Belfast City Park. Free tennis, playground, pool, basketball, baseball, pavilion, horseshoes, on the ocean, bbq, picnic tables, bathrooms, etc. Hot dog and food concession trailer. Hang out and relax.
Blueberry Hill
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Blueberry Hill: get directions, best view in Belfast, high on top, looking out over the world.
Moose Point State Park
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Moose Point State Park is the little park that could, is, and does. A favorite with locals but often overlooked by passerbys the park is a bay fronting 183 acres with ample gentle trails, BBQ grills, picnic tables, rest rooms, a new pavillion that can be rented (I think) and views to die for. Kids love the fields for frisbees. Leash your dog! Walk out to the point and see a beautiful tall Spruce that is a joy to stand under.
Key Bank
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Key Bank's lobby and big safe. Main and Church Street: walk and ogle the huge safe door.
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Rollie's Bar and Café'. A classic Belfast tradition where all manner of ilk from bikers to the ruling elite hang out, eat, drink, and have a good time.
3 Tides
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3 Tides: martini bar and eclectic restaurant looks out over Belfast waterfront. Adding a brewery, bocci court, big outdoor fireplace.
Colonial Theatre
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Colonial Theatre. Way cool, 3 screens, latest films. Elephant on the roof and one in the lobby you can sit on!  The best of Hollywood, foreign, and independent films. Open 363 days per year.
Belfast Co-op
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The Belfast Food Co-Op The biggest natural foods co-op in a long, long distance. Wine, beer, herbal care, cafe', coffee, characters, open seven days a week from morning till late in the evening. Produce and peanut butter, nuts and nacho chips, baked goods and beans. Newspapers too.
Farmer's Market
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The Belfast Farmers Market is every Friday in season down in the City parking lot. And on first Fridays they take over an uptown street and close it for a city center market. This is a coop of farmers: produce, cheese, veggies, plants, honey, flowers, breads and baked goods, and much much more. All Maine products all produced by the  farmers you'll be buying from.
Reny's Plaza
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Reny's the Maine adventure in shopping out at Reny's Plaza. @ 1+ 3. Bell the Cat and Mr. Paperback makes it a real good stop.
Belfast Maskers
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Belfast Maskers 20 years of award winning community theatre! A treasured community theatre group that keeps reinventing itself taking on varying productions of grand and compact nature. From the parks to their waterfront theatre the Maskers put on a great show.
Masonic Temple
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Masonic Temple "from Iron Giant" the movie was drawn here and the Masonic Temple tower is featured in the climatic ending.
Dudley's Diner
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Dudley's Diner : classic Maine diner
Perry's Nut House
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Perry's Nut House. A must stop.
Belfast Skate Park
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Belfast Skate Park Thanks to MBNA we have a really great cool skate park right behind Dudley's Diner.
Weaver's Bakery
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Weaver's Bakery is old as the hills, 2nd generation now that Mark has taken over from Gene, with Matt in training to 3rd generation it....... and still making the donuts. Plenty of crotchety geezers to give you a hard time if you like to argue local politics. The kind of bakery that Dunkin and Krispy wishes they were. In their dreams!  Sandwiches, donuts, cookies, breakfast, sit in the window and watch Main Street go by. Web site? They don't need no stinkin' web site! It's between the traffic light and Key Bank. Closed Monmday and whenever they go to Florida and leave us crying for our coffee. And all the crotchety geezers you can take. Cowboy and Cowgirl cookies. What's the difference? Cowgirl cookies don't have any nuts.
Scoops Ice Cream
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Ice Cream Town: a few years ago there was any number of places to get a scoop. But no more, or for now; Scoops is the place. Which is just fine. A real ice cream parlor right next to Rollie's so you can have your beer and icre cream too. Who said you could not? Back at Scoops.... there's lots of games to play, great ice cream, crepes, free ice water, and it's the place to be on a summer night or any night. Lower Main Street way above tsunami range.
Consumer Fuel espalier
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Say what? Go around back of Consumers (cool unto itself!) and you'll find a carefully espaliered apple tree contently growing in a flat spread over the back of the brick building.

Contra Dances
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First Friday Contra Dance at the American Legion: they come from all over the state to kick off their shoes and have a great sweaty time.
Waldo County's First Traffic Light
(10 votes)
Traffic light at the corner (first ever in Waldo County!) Hang out and wait for it to blink.
Yarn Shop
(22 votes)
Yarn Shop: downstairs at the traffic light. Stitch and......
Colburn Shoe
(33 votes)
Colburn Shoe: oldest shoe store in America! 175 years in continuous operation at the same location and with the Colburn family working and owning the store since 1922. Brian Horne, the current owner, does not look a day over 143! Stop by and see why Belfast loves Colburn Shoe.
Maine Superior Court
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Maine Superior Court: go inside and look around!
First Church
(18 votes)
First Church. Has a Paul revere bell!
Grove Cemetery
(16 votes)
Grove Cemetery..... great walk and stones
Belfast Museum
(26 votes)
Belfast Museum
Passy Greenway
(12 votes)
Passy Greenway
Streets of Belfast
(38 votes)
Church, Cedar, Charles, Court streets walk or bike. Say hello.
Belfast Free Library
(28 votes)
Belfast Free Library. Wi-fi and a whole lot more.
Museum in the Streets
(20 votes)
Museum in the streets. Walk and read.
(32 votes)
Shops and shops and shops.
Public Landing
(25 votes)
Public Landing: hang out with the wharf rats.
The Weathervane
(24 votes)
The Weathervane a diverse menu that specializes in fried delights and lobsters.
The Beavertail
(54 votes)
The Beavertail: if we tell you about it we'll have to kill you.
City Park Pool
(18 votes)
City Park Pool: it's free and big and clean.
Shops of Belfast
(40 votes)
Shops of Belfast
Belfast Summer Nights
(49 votes)
Belfast Summer Nights Live music every Thursday night during the summer
French & Webb
(14 votes)
French and Webb: boat builders extrordinaire! On the waterfront.
(20 votes)
Kayaking up the Passagassawakeag River
Belfast Fire Museum
(6 votes)
Belfast Fire Museum. Open anytime the firemen are around.
(25 votes)
Bayside: a giant bygone collection of Victorian and camp cottages that beg you to rent one for the week. Another world. Swim and fish from the dock too. No stores so bring your own.
IGA Mural
(16 votes)
IGA mural: Large mural on the side of the old IGA right behind the Post Office/Customs House.
Myth Weavers Playhouse
(25 votes)
Myth Weavers Playhouse. Mary Weaver has been putting on shows for a long long time. A sweet little theatre.
Tug Boats
(30 votes)
Tug Boats: click, click, click.
Philip Young Clock Shop
(14 votes)
Philip Young Clock Shop: ask him what he thinks about politics just for the fun of listening.
Young's Lobster Pound
(26 votes)
Young's Lobster Pound: best sunset and lobster joint in Waldo County. It's big and busy and a bring your own joint, except for what's on the menu, that lets you do your own thing. People bring salads, desert, candles, glasses and silverware.
(29 votes)
WERU tune your radio to 89.9
Art Walk
(21 votes)
Art walk! Friday Nights in downtown Belfast. Free cheese (brie if one is lucky :)) and snacks via the generosity of gallery hosts and .... you can even find a glass of wine or a beer. First Friday of the month Art Walk soars......  June-July-August-Sept and October are special with live entertainment on the streets and coordinated shows. Meet the artists and gallery owners. It's a social and arts experience not to be missed.



Waterfall Arts
(19 votes)
Waterfall Arts. The old Anderson School. It is too much and too cool for words, take a walk from town, ¼ mile and see what's up.
Railroad Museum
(7 votes)
Railroad museum. Way out High Street or walk up the tracks. Open every Saturday, all day Saturday. One word: eccentric.
Belfast Academy of Music
(8 votes)
BAM Belfast Academy of Music. The olde Peirce School resonates with energy and voices and instruments!
(8 votes)
National Theatre Workshop for the Handicapped. Theatre, acting, stagecraft, writing. Done for and by the handicapped in the old Crosby High School.
The Monkey Farm
(79 votes)
Great place to watch monkies! If you have never been: you cannot imagine! Worth every minute. Who'd ever imagine such a thing in Belfast. The Monkey Farm is the "most information requested item" on!