How do I add a listing?

Q: I would like to add my business, club, church, band, artist, event, organization etc etc etc  to the list.  How do I do that?

A: The BelfastMaine.com Directory is a listing of resources of interest to residents, businesses, and visitors of Belfast, Maine. The directory is arranged by subject - from broad to specific. As more and more people, businesses and groups list we find need for new categories. So we may move you at some point into a more perfect category. The directory is maintained by BelfastMaine.com editors who evaluate listings for inclusion in the directory. Adding is easy and not only that: it's the whole reason we do this! Please list!

How do I claim a listing?

Q:  I see my business listed already, but I never listed it here.   How did that happen and how do I claim it?

 A: We are working a to create a complete listing of the Belfast area web sites and resources of interest to residents, businesses, and visitors of Belfast, Maine.  As a result, we often add in listings ourselves in an effort to make this directory as complete as possible. It is our hope that you will "claim" your site and improve the listing information, add photos, etc. 

How do I add photos to my listing?

Q: I would like to add a photo to my directory listing.  How do I do that?

A: This has been the most asked question because it is confusing. For some people; it is easy. For others: impossible. It's complicated because direction vary for those who use Mac or PC and all the different photo hosting services.
How do I add photos to the PHOTOS section?

Q: I have great photos of the Belfast area that I'd like to add to your site in the Photo section.  How do I do that?

A: We are honored. We can’t promise that we’ll add all your photos but would love to see them.
Editorial Discretion

Q: My listing was changed from what I submitted.  What gives?

A: Please recognize that making the BelfastMaine.com a useful resource requires us to exercise broad editorial discretion in determining the content and structure of the directory. That discretion extends (but is not limited) to what listings to include, where in the directory listings are placed, and the content of the title and description of the listing. In addition, a listing's placement in the directory is subject to change or deletion at any time at our sole discretion. You should not rely on any aspect of a listing's inclusion in the directory. Please understand that an editor's exercise of discretion may not always treat all submissions equally. You may not always agree with our choices, but we hope you recognize that we do our best to make fair and reasonable decisions.

The BelfastMaine.com team welcomes comments and feedback about the directory. Please let us know what you think, and how we can improve the service. Thanks!