How do I claim a listing?

Q:  I see my business listed already, but I never listed it here.   How did that happen and how do I claim it?

 A: We are working a to create a complete listing of the Belfast area web sites and resources of interest to residents, businesses, and visitors of Belfast, Maine.  As a result, we often add in listings ourselves in an effort to make this directory as complete as possible. It is our hope that you will "claim" your site and improve the listing information, add photos, etc. 

However, we realize that people want their web site when they see their own listing and they didn't put it here, so we have provided a means for you to "claim" the listing.  When you come across a listing that you feel should be yours, you must first register, then login with your user account and view the listing.  You should see a link that says "Claim" like shown below. When you "claim" the site it will send us a notice of your request and we'll check it out and grant it quickly. If you are legit. Which you are. We think. But we'll err on the safe side. The bottom line: we want you to manage your site. Please claim your site now. 



When you click on this link, you will be presented with a form.  Fill out this form, explaining who you are and why the listing should belong to you.  Our staff will review the claim and, if warranted, will pass ownership of the listing to you!