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Bike Maine

this link takes you to info about Belfast bike events and the Maine bike site

Northport Golf Club

Bluff Road, Belfast, ME, USA, 4915

Sears Island

Searsport, Maine

Sears Island is the largest uninhabited island on the East Coast and it about 5 miles from Belfast in..... Searsport! This is the Sierra Club web link to the island. The Sierra Club has been a leader in defending Sears Island... or as some would say "stifling development". This link is a great place to find out more about the island. The island itself is one of the best walks in our area.

Searsport Pines Golf Course

240 Mt. Ephraim Road, Searsport, ME, USA, 4974 and Maine Hikes like Belfast

and why shouldn't they! A simple little walking map around Belfast. Also a good site for hiking Maine in general.