About Us

Belfastmaine.com was started because there is no free and comprehensive listings of  Belfast area web sites. You can go to the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce or Village Soup but what you will find in those places is a partial or incomplete listing. Both are very useful sites but are neither free or complete.  Our goal is to list every business, organization government and social entity or anything of interest (or maybe not) that has a web site. If they are significant, such as a restaurant or church and do not have a web site we'll post their contact info as much as we can come up with. As we continue we'll be adding businesses and adding information. We do hope you will go to your listing and CLAIM it. We also need your suggestions and direction. Let us know if we are missing web sites or listings that need to be included.  As time goes by we'll add more services. Our territory is Belfast and our immediate area. We'll list a few sites further out in the far suburbs of Lincolnville or Stockton but won't get much further than that and they'll be few and far between. In time we hope to be the "go to" site for all things Belfast.


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